Fun 'n' Joy Driven P2E Game

...Free Nobby And let the Game BEGIN!
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About "Nobby.Game" Project

"Nobby.Game" is more than just a cryptocurrency 💰. It's an opportunity to enter a world where finance meets magic 🪄. Inspired by the one famous universe, our project aims to free Nobby through a unique game, which will be launched soon!

Our Mission & Your Benefits

We ensure transparency and security using TON-powered blockchain technology.
Your participation contributes not just to financial success, but also to active involvement in the creation and development of the game.
"Nobby.Game" unites investors in a strong community where everyone can influence.
We Are
Buy our tokens listed as $SOX, and together let's uncover the magic of a new world of cryptocurrencies!
Balance. Growth. Claim Rewards.
Deposit your $SOX in the secret chambers and summon more tokens to your stash.

"Nobby.Game" Tokenomics

Welcome to a world of magic & wonder!

Let we explain to you some secret ingredients of our cauldron:
36.1% Allocated to Rewards
The enchanting rewards - Staking, P2E, Airdrops. For those who engage in the play-to-earn magic.
18.9% Treasured in the Magical Vault
Ensuring stable and robust liquidity in magical markets.
35% for Mystical Launchpad
To lead us on grand adventures across the magical world.
5% for Game Development Cauldron
Fueling the fires of creativity and enchantment in game crafting.
5% Reserved for Nobby`s Freedom
Nobby carefully saves these tokens for his ultimate liberation.

...And few words about our Magic

Tax-Free Tranquility:
0% Taxes
Not a Galleon, not a Sickle, not even a Knut goes to the Ministry of Magic`s coffers.

Total Tokens of Freedom:
(One Billion $SOX)
As numerous as the stars in the night sky above wizarding academy.
The Scroll of Trust:
Minting Authority Revoked
As the last token was minted, the scroll of minting authority was sealed and hidden in the depths of goblins' bank.

About Game Concept

Embark on an adventure where every victory and discovery rewards you. Build your wealth and power in a world where your gaming prowess turns into real value!
Dive into mystical dungeons with Nobby, battling fearsome bosses and uncovering treasures untold. Earn Nobby coins as you conquer each challenge!
Face off in the arena where strategy and skill earn victory. Clash with fellow players in epic battles to gain glory and riches in Nobby coins!
Part of NFT Universe
Own an NFT that provides real-world value, as these assets can be traded on NFT marketplaces. Integration of NFTs into the game`s economy adds a tangible investment component to the gameplay, rewarding players not just for their skills and strategies but also for their participation in the Nobby market.
NFT Collection Coming Soon

"Nobby.Game" Roadmap

Stage 1
Meeting Nobby
The initial phase is all about laying the groundwork for Nobby's universe
Creating a Lore

Developing a rich and engaging backstory for Nobby, setting the stage for an immersive gaming experience.

Building a Community

Establishing a strong, interactive community of early adopters, enthusiasts, and potential players to gather feedback and build anticipation.

Launching the Jetton

Introduction of the Nobby token (Jetton) on the TON blockchain, setting the economic foundation of the game.

Game Mechanics Development

Finalizing the core gameplay mechanics, ensuring a fun, balanced, and strategic experience for players.

Marketing Plan

Crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy to build awareness, engage potential players, and establish Nobby as a leading P2E game.

Stage 2
Nobby's Adventures
This phase focuses on testing and community engagement
Expanding the Community

Continuing to grow the Nobby community through engagement, events, and feedback collection.

Launching the Marketing Campaign

Executing the marketing plan to generate buzz, attract players, and build a strong brand presence.

Nobby NFT Creation

Designing and creating unique NFTs that will play a critical role in the game's ecosystem, providing players with ownership and trade opportunities.

Minting NFTs

Beginning the minting process for Nobby NFTs, allowing early supporters to acquire unique items and characters.

Stage 3
The Coming of the Messiah
The official release of Nobby marks this phase
Alpha Testing

Releasing the Nobby game alpha for community testing, gathering feedback, and identifying areas for improvement.

Customizable Characters with NFT

Introducing the ability for players to customize their characters using NFTs, enhancing personalization and investment in the game.

Iterating Based on Feedback

Continuously refining and improving the game based on player feedback, ensuring an evolving and engaging experience.

Stage 4
Nobby`s Liberation
Aiming for expansion and sustained engagement
Implementing Mini-Games

Adding new mini-games within the Nobby universe to diversify gameplay and keep the community engaged.

Project Expansion

Expanding the Nobby project to include new features, characters, and storylines, keeping the content fresh and exciting.

Mobile Launch

Releasing the Nobby game on mobile platforms, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Community Growth

Focusing on further growing the Nobby community, reinforcing its position as a vibrant and supportive ecosystem for players.

"Nobby.Game" Partners

"Nobby.Game" Core Team

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Headmasterof Project
Masterof Code
Masterof Magical Operations
Guardianof the Crypto Community
Ministryof Imagination Director

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