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Nobby is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game based on the TON blockchain, introducing a unique blend of gaming and blockchain technology.
PlatformsTelegram, Web
Interface LanguageEnglish, Русский
Ingame Currencies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nobby Game Clicker?

Nobby Game Rogue-like Clicker is an interactive, blockchain-based clicker game that combines the thrill of fantasy gaming with real-world crypto rewards. Set in a magical realm, players guide their character through various challenges and quests, using simple click mechanics to interact with the game. This engaging platform allows players to experience the fun of a clicker game while immersing themselves in a rich, magical world filled with adventures.

How to Play?

To start playing Nobby Game Clicker, simply go to the @nobbygame_bot in Telegram and connect your wallet. Once logged in, navigate to the Main Menu and click "Play"

The game involves tapping or clicking to perform actions like gathering resources, battling enemies, and exploring new areas. You'll use energy with each click, which regenerates over time or can be instantly replenished through in-game items or purchases. Successfully completing tasks and missions will advance your gameplay, unlocking new levels and rewards.

How to Earn with Nobby Game?

Earning in Nobby Game Clicker is primarily done through collecting $noSOX, the in-game currency, which can be achieved by playing the game, completing challenges, and defeating bosses. Additionally, participating in special events and competitions can provide extra rewards. Players can also earn by engaging in the game's economy, trading NFTs, or staking their $SOX tokens within the game to receive dividends from the game’s revenue.

Where and why to Buy NFTs?

NFTs can be purchased directly within the NobbyGame platform or on associated NFT marketplaces such as GetGems (

Buying NFTs in Nobby Game enhances your gaming experience by unlocking unique abilities, special items, and exclusive access to certain areas within the game. These digital assets not only provide gameplay advantages but also represent potential investment opportunities as they can appreciate in value and be traded or sold.

Why should I buy $SOX?

$SOX, the native token of Nobby Game, is essential for deep engagement with the game’s ecosystem. Purchasing $SOX allows you to participate in governance decisions, purchase in-game items, and access exclusive content. Holding $SOX also enables you to stake your tokens for a return, participate in special events, and benefit from the game’s growth through reward distributions.

Investing in $SOX is investing in the expanding universe of NobbyGame, where the game's success directly enhances the value and utility of the tokens.